Catalogue of Model Agreements

Here you will find copies of all the KTI Model Agreements that are currently available to download and use in Word format.

The Model Agreements are offered as a starting point for drafting and discussion. They should be read in conjunction with the relevant Practical Guide that explains key considerations and terms in the agreements.

-Collaboration Agreements Pg 1-2

-Consultancy Agreements P 2

-Licencing Agreements  Pg 2-4

-Intellectual Property Agreements  Pg 4

-Confidential Disclosure Agreements Pg 4

-Model Material Transfer Agreements Pg 5

-Spin-out Company Agreements 5-6

KTI Model Standstill Letter

KTI Model Standstill Letter

A simple letter of understanding offered at the initial stage of spin-out project development or at company formation in which the RPO commits not to market or license the IP to any third parties for an agreed period.

docx 47.5KB

KTI Model Letter of Appointment as a non-Executive Director

KTI Model Letter of Appointment as a non-Executive Director

This agreement describes the obligations and expectations on a company director.

docx 57.6KB

Template Company Constitution

Template Company Constitution

This agreement sets out the rules governing a company and its activities and defines the relationship between the company, shareholders, directors and other officers of the company.

docx 41.1KB