National IP Protocol

The National IP Protocol 2019

The National IP Protocol 2019 provides a framework for best practice, guiding on the expected norms for research-related engagements between industry and State research performing organisations (RPOs). The Protocol 2019 comprises two volumes:

The National IP Protocol 2019 comprises two documents: 

1) The policy document which sets out the framework underpinning research collaboration and access to intellectual property from state-funded research.  

2) The resource guide which provides an overview of the national IP management guidelines and links to a wealth of resources and template documents that support these guidelines. It also provides an overview of the knowledge transfer structures in Ireland and the kinds of agreements that can be used to formalise research-industry engagements and spin-out company-related contracts.

The National IP Protocol Made Simple is a summary guide to the National IP Protocol which details the key points contained within the National IP Protocol and directs you to the relevant section within the Protocol depending on your area of interest.