What industry says about working with Irish HEIs

Testimonials from industry about their experiences working with Irish research performing organisations

"Much of Kastus’ success can be attributed to a long collaboration with DIT, in particular the Hot House and CREST teams.  Over 10 years we have built a very strong relationship with DIT Hot House, they have been extremely supportive and have a very strong understanding of what they can contribute to help  companies like Kastus succeed.  They were instrumental in guiding the development of a robust IP strategy which ultimately succeeded in securing global patents.  DIT is home to a wealth of technical expertise and laboratory facilities;  our collaboration with the CREST team for example has enabled Kastus to develop a suite of game changing products with real World commercial appeal.  I would strongly recommend collaborative engagement with DIT and we look forward to further R&D projects."- John Browne, Founder & CEO, Katsus

“Our strong relationship with Athlone Institute of Technology has undoubtedly given us the edge in a very competitive international environment,” says Mergon CEO Pat Beirne. “We are very much seen as the ‘go to’ company when someone is looking for moulding expertise. Being able to tap into the deep reservoir of knowledge that resides within AIT has helped us maintain our reputation for capability and ongoing innovation.” Pat Beirne, CEO, Mergon

“For fast growing Irish companies such as IPC to develop and deliver new products, it is essential that we can quickly and easily access the expertise that we need from a wide network of development partners. CCAN membership has enabled us to do just that. CCAN makes it easy for us to collaborate with large medical device companies and leading research institutes like the CRANN Institute. Within CCAN the whole development process from project definition, to execution and subsequent IP licensing is streamlined and efficient. It is exactly what industry needs.  In our view CCAN is by far the easiest way for both small and large companies to engage in such collaborative R&D.” Henrik Bjoerk, Co-founder and Director, IPC

"In the past four to five years, Ceramicx Ireland collaborated with Irish universities on a number of R&D projects with the support of state funding. This offered an opportunity to work with industrially experienced academics. As an SME, the possibility to work with PhD-qualified researchers helped us to advance the science and understanding of our products to a point where we could justify hiring PhD graduates to raise our in-house capabilities. Working with Irish colleges gives SMEs the opportunity to access highly qualified individuals and new technologies that we could not create or access with in-house scientific capability. I recommend that other SMEs with the necessary maturity and resources explore these opportunities." Cathal Wilson, Director, Ceramicx Ireland Ltd

"I’ve been actively involved in commercialising technologies from a number of Irish universities since 2008. We’ve built a company based on licensed technology which was developed in university laboratories and made available to us by the Technology Transfer Office. We are confident it will grow into a substantial business which would not have been possible if the college had not developed the core technology. We received a lot of support from the university Technology Transfer Office and have found it to be a rewarding experience on many levels." Alan Phelan, CEO, NucleusVP Group

"Trinity Biotech is a leading manufacturer of diagnostic platforms and tests in Ireland. We constantly seek new technologies globally which are game changing in our field. In 2012 we licensed a new Invitro Diagnostic technology from Maynooth University, which will be revolutionary in our market. I would actively encourage all individuals and organisations to tap into the research potential of Irish universities and institutes of technology and to familiarise themselves with the new technologies that are available to companies across the country." Philip Noone, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Trinity Biotech Plc

"Molloy Environmental Systems is a small company specialising in wastewater treatment. We are continuously looking for new opportunities. With the help and advice of the Technology Transfer Office in NUI Galway, we licensed the right to commercialise a new and unique waste water treatment technology. As a small company it is difficult to compete in new markets dominated by larger, long-established companies. Through technology transfer we have been able to launch a new, highly competitive product based on advanced technology which allows us target previously inaccessible markets. In addition, we have the backup of the university staff, who are world leaders in their field. We found the technology transfer process minimises our R&D risk and is an essential step in the development of our company." Shane Fox, Engineer, Molloy Environmental Systems Ltd

"UCD brought an innovative technology they had developed to the attention of Largo Foods which was potentially the basis of a groundbreaking new product for Largo. We had a very positive engagement with NovaUCD and quickly came to an agreement to license the key IP. We then accessed the technical capabilities in UCD together to develop the technology to bring it closer to market readiness. For any business this a great way to make advances in innovation that would normally be beyond the technical scope of most companies. We have learned much about company-college collaboration and will continue to use this avenue to solve technical challenges in the future." John Donnelly, General Manager, Largo Foods Ltd

"Code On is a technology-enabling company that licenses IP from a number of universities. We approached Maynooth University to license the high-quality research coming out of the Hamilton Institute and were impressed with their Technology Licensing Office. Maynooth University’s licensing officers are experienced business professionals with a sophisticated understanding of and a focus on commercialising new technologies. As a result, licensing discussions moved quickly and smoothly with the right key issues identified and quickly resolved. We highly recommend working with NUI Maynooth on both research development and licensing." Laila Partridge, Code On Ltd

"For me the technology transfer office (NovaUCD) was and still is an essential starting point for the technology I develop. From filing my first IDF, patent applications, applied research funding applications, developing a business plan, spinning out a company, and engaging with investors, NovaUCD have offered support and advice. I registered for the Campus Company Development program organised by NovaUCD, which is designed to help academics (spin-out) and spin-ins to assess their business offerings. The technical and business idea was tested and developed with staff from NovaUCD through direct engagement with me. The act of engaging with the TTO educated me in the process of technology development and innovation. The relationship between NovaUCD and Enterprise Ireland provided me with access to a national and worldwide network that asked the hard questions which ultimately improve the research and technology." Kevin O’Connor, CEO Bioplastech Ltd