The KTI Team

Our backgrounds include experience working in senior roles in industry and the knowledge transfer sector and within administration. We combine our experience with a shared passion for responding to and meeting the needs of our stakeholders.

Christian Stafford

Christian Stafford, Department Manager, Tel: +353 83 4245 888, Email

Rowena Elliott

Rowena Elliott, Project Manager. Tel: +353 (1) 727 2867, Email

Maria Gavin

Maria Gavin, Industry/Partner Engagement, Tel: +353 (1) 727 2851, Email

Jennifer Malone

Jennifer Malone, Programme Manager, Tel +353 (1) 727 2690, Email

Ursula O'Keeffe

Ursula O'Keeffe, Administrator, Tel: +353(1) 727 2461, Email

Maria Salto Galdon

Maria Salto Galdon, Development Executive. Tel: +35317272610, Email