Our mission is to support business and the research base to maximise innovation from State funded research by getting technology, ideas and expertise into the hands of business, swiftly and easily for the benefit of the public and the economy. 

In Ireland, and worldwide, the businesses with innovative products, services and processes set sector standards, grow sales and stay ahead of the competition. Ireland’s pro-business knowledge transfer eco-system is proven. The Irish Government’s €52M investment in technology transfer (2007-2016) focuses on providing a streamlined, predictable process that delivers effective commercialisation of research.

Knowledge Transfer Ireland takes a national perspective on the knowledge transfer (KT) system in Ireland.

We enable business to leverage the commercial potential of Irish research and innovation through connecting businesses with cutting-edge research, expertise and opportunities. Making it easier to find technology, IP and expertise in Ireland from our HEIs and State research organisations and to find the right people to talk to.

KTI takes the guesswork out of knowledge transfer through providing a predictable knowledge transfer system for Ireland. We work with business, investors, research funders and TTOs to review, recommend and implement changes to the way in which Ireland approaches managing IP and contracting.

We directly support the development of Ireland’s knowledge transfer infrastructure. Through engagement with business, investors and technology transfer offices to shape practice. And through allocating and managing funding to support knowledge transfer offices within Ireland's HEIs and State funded research organisations our objective is to provide the capacity and capability to deliver first class service for research commercialisation. This, we will complement by reviewing and reporting on outcomes and impact from knowledge transfer in Ireland to inform policy and ongoing investment.

As we develop, engagement with business & industry and investors is critical. KTI welcomes an open dialogue with all our stakeholders. Get in touch to share your views and share in our development. KTI is located in Enterprise Ireland (EI) and funded by EI with co-financing from the Irish Universities Association (IUA).

KTI was established in late 2013 as a partnership between Enterprise Ireland and the Irish Universities Association, arising from a recommendation from a Government-led task force that reviewed the state of business-research base engagement in 2012. You can read about this in the Government Report ‘Putting Public Research to work for Ireland’. This details national policy in relation to collaboration between public research organisations and business, including the protection and exploitation of intellectual property arising from publicly funded research undertaken by public research organisations. This national IP Protocol describes ways in which Ireland is encouraging further engagement between companies and the research base through standardised IP ownership and access terms, so that commercial agreements are quick and easy to set up. 

Our governance

KTI is accountable to the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation (DBEI). KTI is advised by a group of commercially experienced people drawn from industry (SME and multi-national, Irish and overseas) and the investment community. KTI engages with the broader knowledge transfer community through the KT Stakeholder Forum of representatives Irish HEIs, TTOs, research funders and government agencies.