Spin-out Company Impact Award

Purple and White Spin Out Badge Icon - Central building surrounded by three smaller buildings

The Spinout Company Impact award recognises a spin-out company from an Irish publicly-funded research performing organisation (RPO) that has achieved a successful and significant event in the previous calendar year. For example, fundraising closed, product launched, overseas offices created, exit etc. The award celebrates both the company success and its heritage in the RPO, including the support provided by the TTO/ILO.

For clarity, a spinout company is one that is based on RPO research and at the time of formation was dependent on the exploitation of specific intellectual property rights (IPR) of the RPO. The RPO may have/had equity in the spin-out and will have licensed IPR to the company.

Timing: The spinout success must have taken place in 2017.

Awards presented to: the company (academic founder) and the TTO/ILO.