Consultancy Impact Award

Purple and White Consultancy Badge Icon - Man and Woman in Discussion

The Consultancy Impact award recognises and celebrates a researcher/research group at an Irish publicly-funded research performing organisation (RPO). The researcher(s) will have provided consultancy advice to a business or public sector organisation that will have resulted in a demonstrable economic and/or public benefit. This award is not limited to the technology sector and can apply more broadly to other research areas for example the social sciences or humanities.

(NB: research consulting is different from collaborative research. Its purpose is not the performance of new research but sharing of advice and assistance by the RPO. The client may be a business or public sector organisation.)

Timing: Recognising that it can take some time from providing consultancy support to achieving an outcome, the consulting engagement may have taken place within the past 5 years.

Awards presented to: the consultancy client (company/individual), the lead researcher and the TTO/ILO.