Prof. John Walsh
Centre Director
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iCRAG - Irish Centre for Research in Applied Geosciences

The Irish Centre for Research in Applied Geosciences (iCRAG) brings together Ireland’s leading geoscience experts to work on developing safe and secure groundwater supplies, discovering mineral and aggregate deposits, de-risking oil and gas exploration, safeguarding the geomarine environment, protecting from Earth's hazards, and educating and informing the public on geoscience-related issues.

Geoscience underpins the discovery of raw materials, water and energy resources that are critical to the world’s economy. With increasing demand and diminishing supply, focused innovations in geoscience are of paramount importance globally. Ireland is home to Europe’s largest zinc mine, untapped hydrocarbon resources in challenging NE Atlantic deep water environments, and a diverse geological framework with important untapped seabed and groundwater resources. Forming an integrated team of internationally leading researchers and both large- and small-scale industry partners, iCRAG conducts research which will help in the discovery and harnessing of Ireland’s natural resources.

iCRAG's overarching objectives are:

  1. To significantly de-risk Ireland's off-shore and onshore hydrocarbon and mineral resource exploration, thus increasing exploration activities while also increasing the potential of sourcing a secure supply
  2. To ensure safe and secure groundwater supplies and to address geoscience-related 'quality of environment' issues
  3. To engage with citizens and policy makers to explain the nature of resource-related industries and to facilitate the timely progression of identified resources to extraction

Research areas:

  • Raw materials – mineral/aggregate geoscience
  • Marine – marine geoscience
  • Groundwater – hydrogeology/hydrology
  • Energy Security – petroleum geoscience
  • Geohazards - protection from Earth’s hazards
  • Geochemistry, geophysics, 3D geological modelling, public perception and understanding of geosciences

Research performed by:

  • University College Dublin
  • Trinity College Dublin
  • NUI Galway
  • University College Cork
  • Maynooth University
  • Dublin Institute of Advanced Studies
  • Teagasc

Funded by:

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