Image of Prof.s Michael Zaworotko and Gavin Walker (scientific directors of SPCC) in lab attire
Prof Michael Zaworotko and Gavin Walker
Scientific Co-Directors
 +353 (0)61 234361 / +353 (0)61 233638

SSPC, the SFI Research Centre for Pharmaceuticals

What is SSPC

SSPC is a hub of Irish research expertise developing innovative technologies to address key challenges facing the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry. The aim of SSPC is to deliver industry-relevant technical solutions, which result in job growth and retention within this sector in Ireland and grow the skills base of qualified scientists and engineers. The research carried out by SSPC crosses the pharmaceutical production chain from molecule to medicine, with the objective of gaining a better understanding of mechanisms, controlling processes, and predicting outcomes for the efficient and environmentally sustainable production of safe medicines.


• New frontiers in pharmaceutical synthesis
• Crystal growth and design
• Drug product formulation and manufacture
• Advanced biopharmaceutical technologies
• Automation in manufacturing (med device, pharma, fine chemicals)

Research performed by:

• University of Limerick
• University College Cork
• National University of Ireland Galway
• Trinity College Dublin
• Dublin City University
• University College Dublin
• RCSI, University of Medicine & Health Sciences
• Maynooth University
• Waterford Institute of Technology

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