Ramesh Raghavendra
SEAM Gateway Manager
 +353 51 845 648

SEAM - South Eastern Applied Materials Research Centre - Waterford

SEAM is an industry focussed applied research centre, providing innovative materials engineering solutions for companies from a wide range of sectors, including bio-medical devices, pharmaceuticals, micro-electronics, precision engineering and industrial technologies. SEAM offers direct consultancy, characterisation, failure analysis and strategic research partnership programs (short, medium and long term) to support industries throughout Ireland.

 Research Themes:

  • X-Ray Micro-tomography (XMT): 3D Non-destructive characterisation
  • Finite Element Analysis: 3D Software Modelling
  • 3D Metal Additive Manufacturing
  • Materials & Precision Engineering: Engineering Design & Characterisation
  • Bio Medical Engineering: Development of Novel Materials

Ramesh Raghavendra, Gateway Manager, SEAM

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