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Dr. Aoife Gallagher
Head of Innovation
 +353 (0)1 402 5132

Royal College of Surgeons Ireland (RCSI)

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Since its foundation in 1784, RCSI has played a leadership role in both research and in Irish surgical and medical education. The College’s research vision is to improve human health through translational medical research, which is informed by bedside problems, societal and global health challenges.  We will do this by promoting innovative research that ultimately leads to better diagnostics, therapeutics and devices. 

The recently formed Office of Research and Innovation (ORI) aims to support this mission and importantly recognises that engaging with industry partners in the healthcare arena can be a mutually beneficial step in this process.  We aim to make the process as straightforward and rewarding as possible, adding value to industry R&D programmes, developing close partnerships with industry and encouraging repeat business.  We plan to forge a reputation for flexibility, professionalism and expediency in engagements with industry and in the performance of commercially relevant research.

There are many ways that industry can work with us:  by helping inform state funded research programmes to increase relevance, by engaging in collaborative research programmes or by technology licensing.  


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Professor Ray Stallings, Director of Research 

RCSI's Office of Research & Innovation also supports the College's research community in the identification, capture and commercialisation of intellectual property.   

The Technology Transfer (TT) function in the ORI has three key objectives: 

  • To provide high quality services to assist and support the College's research staff in developing, identifying and protecting innovations and commercialising intellectual property assets.
  • Management of the Colleges IP assets through advising and executing commercial transactions with industry partners.
  • Support for all forms of industry engagement though collaborative, consultancy or contract research programmes.