Headshot of Sarah Hayes - Centre Director of PMTC
Sarah Hayes
 +353 86 8530310

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing (PMTC) - Limerick

What is PMTC

The Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technology Centre (PMTC) is a leading industry informed research centre focused on developing advanced technology solutions for all stages of pharmaceutical manufacturing. The market-focused research delivers solutions to contemporary issues currently facing the pharmaceutical industry. The PMTC is coordinated by an industry–academia advisory committee with an industrially driven research programme. Indigenous SMEs along with MNCs access the PMTC to inform the research agenda.


• Pharmaceutical Plant Cleaning

• Process control and optimisation

• Data Analytics and Utilisation for Pharmaceutical manufacturing

• Process Analytical Technology

• Computational fluid dynamics

• Powder engineering and OSD processes

Research performed by:

• University College Cork
• University of Limerick
• Technological University Dublin
• Munster Technological University
• University Galway

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