Headshot of Dr. Niall O'Reilly - PMBRC Gateway Manager
Dr Niall O'Reilly
PMBRC Gateway Manager
 +353 51 306 167

PMBrc - Pharmaceutical & Molecular Biotechnology Research Centre - Waterford

What is PMBrc

The PMBRC (Pharmaceutical & Molecular Biotechnology Research Centre) Gateway supports biolifescience companies across Ireland. PMBRC occupies an 800m2 state-of the- art facility, with an extensive suite of characterisation and analytical equipment as well as access to a dedicated team of 34 industry focused research personnel. PMBRC collaborates with many companies across a number of sectors, including pharmaceutical, medical device, food and veterinary.

PMBRC undertakes collaborative projects of a variety of sizes – from large-scale projects to more short-term feasibility studies and contract analysis. Some of the projects and areas of development the PMBRC have collaborated on with industry include: materials characterisation and pre-formulation; drug delivery and formulation; chromatography, separation science and impurity identification; novel sensor and process technologies; and biomedical research and molecular biotechnology.


• Physico-chemical characterisation of materials
• Advanced analytical capability
• Formulation, process development and drug delivery

Hosted by:

• Waterford Institute of Technology

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