Headshot of Sive Geoghan - Gateway Manager of MiCRA
Sive Geoghegan
MiCRA Gateway Manager
 +353 1 220 7996

MiCRA - Microsensors for Clinical Research and Analysis - Dublin

What is MiCRA

 Mission statement: To establish next generation technologies and training for application in; Sensing Technology (Agri-Food Sensing Technology, In-Vitro Biodiagnostics, Sustainability & Environmental Testing), Bio and Pharma Technology, Analytical Services and Materials Sciences Research.

 MiCRA has worked extensively with a variety of partners in a range of sectors (food, pharma, diagnostics, medical devices, bio-pharmaceuticals, green economy, smart agri-tech, manufacturing, adhesives, food and beverages etc.); from start-ups through SMEs to global multinationals. The core technologies can be readily adapted to provide solutions for a range of challenges.


• Sensing Technology (Agri-Food Sensing Technology; In-Vitro Biodiagnostics; Sustainability & Environment Testing
• Bio and Pharma Technology
• Analytical Services and Materials Sciences Research

Hosted by:

• TU Dublin

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