Headshot of Prof. J-C Desplat - Centre Director of ICHEC
Prof. J-C Desplat
Centre Director
 +353 (0)1 529 1000

ICHEC - Irish Centre for High-End Computing

What is ICHEC

The Irish Centre for High-End Computing (ICHEC) is Ireland’s national centre for High-Performance Computing (HPC) providing e-infrastructure, services and expertise to academia, industry and the public sector. ICHEC enables the application of HPC for developing efficient services and solutions based technologies such as artificial intelligence, high performance data analytics, Earth Observation, quantum computing and cybersecurity across a number of sectors including environmental sciences, healthcare, agriculture, energy, financial services and ICT.

By operating Kay (Ireland’s national supercomputer) and the National Quantum Learning Platform, ICHEC enables researchers, enterprises and the public sector to innovate solutions for complex social, economic and environmental challenges.

ICHEC works in partnership with industry and public authorities in joint R&D activities, skills development, and provisioning HPC and data management services to accelerate and de-risk their digital transformation and green transition.

ICHEC is also the National HPC Competence Centre in Ireland under the EuroHPC Competence Centre (EuroCC) initiative.


• HPC, Edge Computing & Data Management
• Performance Optimisation
• High Performance Data Analytics
• Artificial Intelligence
• Environmental/Climate Sciences & Informatics
• Earth Observation
• Renewable Energy
• Quantum Computing
• Training & Skills Development

Located in:

• Founded in NUI Galway in 2005, ICHEC has offices in Dublin and Galway employing 40 staff.

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