CONNECT 2022 Director
Pat Kelly
Centre Director
 +353 1 896 4889

CONNECT - The Centre for Future Networks and Communications - Dublin


CONNECT’s mission is to research and develop innovative solutions for the communications challenges facing society today. The Internet of Things (IoT), 5G networks and new broadband architectures are the Centre’s main areas of focus. CONNECT works with a wide range of industry partners on targeted projects in the areas of Internet of Things, future cellular (5G and beyond), next-generation broadband, softwaredefined networks and cloud-based services. CONNECT’s expert researchers are dedicated to delivering outstanding results at the pace and standard demanded by industry.


• Dependable Networks (supporting mission-critical applications, leveraging edge computing)
• Sustainable IoT (scalable solutions for integrated energy harvesting, storage, and power management, reusable platforms, security and resiliency)
• Link Performance (MGb/s wireless & wireline transmission, flexible mmWave, photonic networking and in-body biological communications)
• Data-driven Optimisation & Management (proactive network management, distributed ML, actionable metrics, explainable AI)
• Customised Networks (end-to-end across shared networks to support verticals, slice monitoring, trust)
• The New Operators (frameworks for collaboration, business models, regulation)

Research performed by:

• Trinity College Dublin
• Munster Technological University
• Dublin City University
• Maynooth University
• Technological University Dublin
• Tyndall National Institute
• University College Cork
• University College Dublin
• University of Limerick
• Waterford Institute of Technology

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