Headshot of Professor Connor McCarthy - Director at CONFIRM Smart Manufacturing Research Centre Limerick
Prof Conor McCarthy

CONFIRM - Smart Manufacturing Research Centre - Limerick


CONFIRM’s mission is to transform industry to become leaders in Smart Manufacturing. Smart Manufacturing is the process of fusing intelligence to the production process to improve manufacturing performance via automation and data analytics. With manufacturing being the second largest employer in Ireland, CONFIRM believes it has a responsibility to future proof the community so that it is best placed to adapt and thrive in Industry 4.0.

CONFIRM gives industry partners a competitive advantage by ensuring the right research team is working to drive business readiness for Industry 4.0. CONFIRM has experience working with MNC and SMEs across diverse sectors, including; Computer, Electronic, Optical, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Chemical, Nutrition & Beverage, and Electrical equipment.


• Data Analytics: AI, Predictive Modelling, Decision Analytics
• Enterprise Modelling & Simulation
• Networking Systems & Internet of Things
• Product & Process Modelling
• Robotics & Control
• Sensors
• Software Systems
• Material Processing

Research performed by:

• University of Limerick
• Tyndall National Institute
• University College Cork
• Munster Technological University
• National University of Ireland Galway
• Athlone Institute of Technology
• Limerick Institute of Technology

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