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COMAND Gateway Manager
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COMAND - Interactive Media Technologies - Athlone

COMAND concentrates on the research and  development of prospective interactive media technologies, based at the SRI Athlone Institute of Technology focuses on Cross Platform Applications, Mobile Media Cloud and 3D Sensing. These technologies are complementary and will combine to create the opportunity for new and innovative forms of "connected media" (personalised, real-time interactive) applications in a wide range of commercial fields including telecoms, gaming, TV, e-health, e-learning, e-tourism, e-retailing, entertainment and digital marketing.

COMAND is based on the conviction that the convergence of a number of key technologies over the next 3-5 years will greatly impact patterns of media consumption and will enable novel forms of personalised and real-time media-based interaction between humans and technology and in turn this will create both challenges and opportunities for companies in the COMAND industrial base across a wide range of application domains.

Research Themes
  • Cloud Media Platform: Leverage media processing in the cloud and end user
  • Media Systems: Intelligent and Cross Platform Multimodal Development
  • User interfaces: multimodal interfacing
  • Real Time Data Analytics
  • Interoperability of the Internet of Things

Anthony Cunningham, COMAND Gateway Manager

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