Prof. Fergus Shanahan, Dr. Brendan Curran
Centre Director, Business Development
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APC - Microbiome Institute - Cork

APC, Microbiome Institute is a gastrointestinal health institute exploring the role that gastrointestinal bacteria (microbiota) play in health and disease. The microbiota is a target for treatment and prevention of disease, and a source of functional food ingredients, new drugs and disease biomarkers. 

APC research is relevant to many different industry sectors: food, pharma, biotechnology, infant nutrition, medical foods and veterinary. APC investigators are global research leaders in these areas. The APC has also developed a number of technology platforms that can be of significant benefit to industry clients in furthering their own R&D agenda, such as culture-to-product, pre-clinical models, next generation sequencing, bioIT and human studies. 

The APC is very experienced in managing industry interactions and welcomes industry partners through a variety of flexible modalities. The benefits of partnership include the ability to undertake collaborative research with leading experts, access to our technology platforms and our extensive databases, and the reservoir of expertise held by the APC investigators. 

The APC works closely with State agencies and can support clients in accessing appropriate State funding mechanisms.

Research areas:

  • Discovery of molecules for therapeutics and functional foods
  • Designing functional ingredients/foods across the lifespan
  • Links between diet, microbes and mental health
  • Signalling, host immune-inflammatory responses
  • Phage as regulators of the microbiome in health and disease

Research performed by:

  • University College Cork
  • Teagasc
  • Cork Institute of Technology

Funded by:

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