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Paul Ross
Centre Director, Business Development
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APC - Microbiome Institute - Cork

What is APC Microbiome Ireland

Alimentary Pharmabotic Centre in 2003, is about people working together across the boundaries of traditional research sectors. APC has created a lively transdisciplinary environment with clinicians, clinician-scientists and basic scientists from diverse backgrounds working in teams, sharing ideas and resources. Although focused upon the magic and mysteries of the gastrointestinal bacterial community, (the microbiota), the scale and scope of the work has become one of the fastest moving areas of biology, of relevance to all branches of human medicine and veterinary science, and is of growing importance to the economic welfare of society.

The APC team has extensive experience collaborating with the food, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and diagnostic sectors and welcomes new industry partnerships. APC Microbiome Ireland’s industry partners can access technology platforms, extensive databases and biobanks, as well as the expertise of its investigators.


• Analysing media, content and customer interactions
• Mining the microbiota for bioactives for use as therapeutics (e.g. antimicrobials) or diagnostics
• Designing new functional foods across the lifespan e.g. infants, athletes, elderly
• Exploring links between the microbiota and mental health
• Developing new biomarkers of GI and metabolic disease risk and manipulating risk by targetting the microbiota
• Technology Platforms

Research performed by:

• University College Cork
• Teagasc
• Munster Technological University
• National University of Ireland Galway
• University College Dublin
• National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training

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