Headshot of Professor Vincent Wade, Director of ADAPT - Centre for Digital Content Technology
Prof. Vincent Wade
Centre Director
 +353 (0)1 896 1797

ADAPT - Centre for Digital Content Technology

What is ADAPT

ADAPT focuses on developing next generation digital technologies that transform how people communicate by helping to analyse, personalise and deliver digital data more effectively for businesses and individuals. ADAPTS AI-powered analysis techniques allow more powerful tailored access to customer and community insights, allowing you to explore video, text, speech and image data in a natural way across languages and devices, helping companies unlock opportunities that exist within digital content to re-imagine how to connect people, process and data to realise new economic value.

By enabling deeper engagement for users, ADAPT enhances efficiencies and global reach for a range of industry partners in industries such as Information & Communications Technology (ICT), localisation, financial services, eCommerce, eHealth, media, entertainment and games, life sciences, digital culture and humanities, and eLearning/education.


• Analysing media, content and customer interactions.
• Enabling global reach via innovative machine translation.
• Transforming and delivering personalised content.
• Extracting actionable knowledge from all forms of digital content and user interactions.
• Empowering innovative customer engagement and interaction across multimodal media.

Research performed by:

• Trinity College Dublin
• Dublin City University
• University College Dublin
• Technological University Dublin
• Maynooth University
• Athlone Institute of Technology
• Munster Technological University

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