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May - Irish Innovation in Connected Health, Wellbeing and Ageing

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the key role played by data and digital technologies in connected health, wellbeing and design of age-friendly technologies for community services.

March - Licensing

Licensing agreements from an Irish Research Performing Organisation can become a key asset for your business.

February - Tackling Climate Change with Irish Research

R&D plays a key role in Ireland’s response to climate change. Green businesses can access this relevant expertise from within the Irish research system and potential State funding supports.

January - Developing an Effective IP Strategy

A proactive IP strategy is essential for creating a high-growth business & can form an integral part of any company’s business development strategy.

December - Year in Review

2020 posed extraordinary and unprecedented challenges to industry and the research sector alike. Developments over the past twelve months were reviewed and we saw how the Irish knowledge transfer system responded.