Finalists and Winners

Winners and runners up of the 2020 Knowledge Transfer Impact Awards will be announced at a virtual awards ceremony on 26th November. If you would like to attend the awards ceremony, please contact us

The following are the listed finalists:

      Commercialisation Impact Award Category 

  • Cork Institute of Technology & AudiosourceRE: spin-out company AudiosourceRE has developed cutting-edge audio software, with the capability to reverse engineer audio to isolate and remove vocals, instruments and backing tracks. AudioSourceRE recently secured second round seed investment valued at over €1 million for entry into the Asian market.
  • University College Cork & Precision Biotics: spin-out company Precision Biotics that formed almost 2 decades ago from UCC to develop probiotics for human and animal health. Precision Biotics was recently acquired by Danish biotech multinational Novozymes in a deal worth more than €80 million.
  • University College Dublin & Sirius XT: spin-out company Sirius XT is developing the world’s first soft x-ray microscope for application in disease and drug research. Normally built in football stadium-sized facilities, the company’s technology will allow for soft x-ray microscope applications in a laboratory setting.

       Industry Engagement Impact Award Category

  • RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences & Integra:  RCSI’s collaboration with Integra, which included TCD, has resulted in two new technologies that have proven highly effective in repairing damaged nerves in pre-clinical trials. This development is expected to underpin the next two decades of clinical therapies for peripheral nerve repair.  Integra is a world leader in medical technology, with over 4,400 employees worldwide including nearly 91 in Tullamore.
  • Trinity College Dublin & Intel Ireland: Intel Ireland has an enduring research relationship with TCD partly formalised in a highly successful collaborative research agreement between the university and SFI centre AMBER from 2013-2019. Building on this success, Trinity and Intel have successfully put in place a new collaborative research agreement to ensure the relationship will continue for the next five years.
  • Waterford Institute of Technology & Keltech: WIT experts in computational fluid dynamics worked with company partner Keltech to identify large cost saving potential in tank design for a significant client project that the company was engaged in with German manufacturer Atlas GmbH. Keltech is a Waterford-based supplier of components and assemblies.

       COVID-19 Response Impact Award Category

  • NUI Galway: for the development of Familylink, a project that connects patients with their loved ones, against a backdrop of COVID-19 with restrictions on visits to healthcare settings. NUIG worked with industry partners Cisco and IBM to deliver a state-of-the-art video call system specifically for the ICU setting.
  • RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences: for the development a web based clinical support tool that incorporates a risk-assessment score for COVID-19 patients which allows healthcare professionals to treat and monitor the progression of their condition. Developed jointly with S3 Connected Health and with University College Dublin, the tool has been used in six hospitals by 300 doctors.
  • Waterford IT: for the development of CoronVRus a virtual reality (VR) application aimed at children that can be used as an educational tool to showcase, educate and demonstrate COVID-19 safety guidelines in an intuitive manner. The application is Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) friendly and offers a fun method of education to build awareness in a safe and interactive environment.