Trinity spin-out wins international investment for wound closure device at medtech summit


Starling Surgical, a medical device technology in development at Trinity College Dublin has won an international medtech investment pitch event with MedTech Innovator at the MedTech Strategist Innovation Summit this week.

Led by NHS surgeon Dr Cyrus Doctor, Starling Surgical is developing the optimum wound closure device that will provide superior results to meticulously perform surgical sutures at the speed and convenience of a skin stapler. The product was first envisaged for the EI Cleveland Clinic Innovation Award Programme at NUI Galway.

Dr Cyrus Doctor is collaborating with Dr Travis Davis, Dr Ciaran Simms and Dr Bruce Murphy at the Trinity Centre for BioEngineering, with financial support from Enterprise Ireland and the EU EIT Health fund.

Starling Surgical was one of five projects that progressed to the pitch event final and will now have the opportunity to present at the accelerator’s regional pitch events occurring across the US and internationally.

The team will meet more than 150 executives and professionals from companies such as Amgen, Baxter, BTG, Fujikura, HOYA Corp, Johnson & Johnson, and RCT Ventures.

“At some point in their lives, almost everyone is going to need an operation where the wounds are usually closed with sutures or staples. Both have major disadvantages,” said Dr Cyrus Doctor. “The QuickStitch will be the fastest, safest and most clinically effective way of closing wounds, resulting in the reduction of infection rates and pain and improving the cosmetics of a scar.

“Getting through to the accelerator programme will give the project much-needed corporate support and has already led to investors and multinationals reaching out to us. We’re very grateful and look forward to competing in the upcoming Medtech Innovator events in the US and around the world.”