TCD’s Vocavio soaring into aerospace market following US patent award

Vocavio in article

TCD spin-out company Vocavio has been successfully awarded a US patent for its speech signal analysis technology developed by co-founders Dr. Brian Vaughan and Dr. Celine de Looze. 


The technology will advance pilot training for the benefit of commercial airline passengers worldwide as it provides a new method for assessing communication performance of multi-crew pilots during their bi-annual simulator training sessions, where pilots undergo rigorous assessment of their aircraft handling and crew resource management skills to maintain their commercial aircraft license.  

Speaking of the patent award, Vocavio CEO and Co-Founder Conor McKenna said, “Securing this US patent is hugely significant for our business,  while the journey of writing, revising and securing a patent isn’t a short one, it really does validate the strength of this speech technology innovation that originated in Trinity College Dublin.This patent provides Vocavio with a new IP pillar to the business that is valuable to both our existing customers and potential strategic investors.

Leading aerospace companies are now integrating the technology to accelerate communication and teamwork skills acquisition amongst trainee pilots, while seeking to reduce their overall training times while adhering to strict Global training standards.  Use of the technology also creates operational efficiencies for instructors as it allows them deliver more focused and targeted training.  

Vocavio is now a listed supplier to three leading aerospace companies worldwide and securing this patent further cements the company’s position as an innovator and key supplier into the simulation and training market, worth over $14bn per annum. 

McKenna continued, “Since we licensed the invention from TCD, we invested heavily to develop the technology further and now have a robust speech signal processing platform. The year ahead is promising and will see us announce some key licensing deals and achieve further sales for our newly launched vSIM Connect – our cloud services offering for key simulation and synthetic training markets like the United States.”

Vocavio, founded in 2014 at Trinity College Dublin, provides scientifically validated speech analytics software to assess team communication in high workload-stress environments.  It does this by measuring non-verbal cues in speech dialog to quantify communications performance and visualise team dynamics. For more information visit