University College Dublin & Revlar Labs, Inc.

Revlar Labs Inc is a medical diagnostics company that collaborated with a team at University College Dublin in July 2020 to develop new, faster, lower-cost, more accurate and easy-to-use diagnostic tests for COVID-19 and Influenza.  The research project was based upon a biosensor platform called BioSwitch™ that had been developed by a team at UCD’s School of Physics and the project.  Through the collaboration, the UCD team has generated proof-of-concept data for BioSwitch™ and a prototype is now under development.  Revlar has gone on to raise significant funding that has helped build the UCD research team and the company is now positioned to raise significant funding for further development, validation and clinical trials of the new test.  Further R&D is underway with the aim of bringing these game-changing diagnostic tests to the market.

The Innovation Office at UCD has played a central role since the initial discussions began with the company, providing input into the plan for the project and the Collaborative Research Agreement as well as leading the negotiation and equity agreement. The Office continues to provide support and build an excellent relationship with various stakeholders on the project as Revlar and UCD continue to work together.

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