University College Cork & Mirai Medical Limited

Founded in 2015 as a spin-out from UCC, Mirai Medical is developing a breakthrough electrochemotherapy (ECT) that can treat cancers in an outpatient setting. Its CE-marked ePORE® system delivers micro pulses of electrical energy to selectively treat solid tumours in seconds with minimal side effects. By 2021, Mirai had raised significant levels of funding, including an award of €4.78m in 2021 under the State’s Disruptive Technology Innovation Fund in partnership with Advanced Energy and three Irish universities (NUIG, Trinity and UCC).  Since January 2020 the technology has been used in 45 hospitals around Europe and Asia.

The UCC Innovation Office managed the spin out process at the time of company formation and has subsequently worked with Mirai to help manage and protect intellectual property that has helped position the company for funding success and further clinical development.

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