Technological University Dublin & Ocumetra Ltd.

Ocumetra Ltd is a spin-out company from TU Dublin established in June 2020 to commercialise world leading research on myopia control that was undertaken within the Centre for Eye Research Ireland (CERI) at TU Dublin.  Myopia is the fastest growing cause of blindness and the commercial trajectory of Ocumetra is exceptional with strong buy-in from the investor community and customers.  The company has already raised significant levels of investment and has achieved Enterprise Ireland HPSU status. Ocumetra will, as part of its business model, deliver enhanced benefits to developing countries, where blindness due to myopia limits child development, access to education, employment and other means of societal inclusion.

The Innovation Office at TU Dublin has worked with the academic founders of the company to support the capture and protection of key intellectual property and to negotiate shareholders agreements. The office has also provided commercial advice and supported the company in developing crucial relationships with medical device companies.

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