Unlocking Knowledge Transfer: Developing Strategic Alliances between Irish SMEs and MNCs

Join us in the September edition of our Unlocking Knowledge Transfer webinar series, where a wide-ranging discussion will be held exploring the dynamics of strategic alliances between Irish SMEs and MNCs.  

As more and more SMEs look to partner with large companies as a strategic R&D initiative, we will explore what this means from different perspectives. Our expert panel will discuss how strategic alliances can be established and managed, the decision-making processes around committing to projects, and the factors that make a successful collaborative partnership.

 Featured Panelists: 
  • Lorcan Brennan - Senior Scientific Advisor at IDA Ireland
  • Sarah Hayes - Director - Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technology Centre (PMTC)
  • Thomas Coleman - Senior Process Engineer at Astellas Europe
  • Elaine Berkery - Director at Eastway Remote Monitoring 

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