UIDP: The Innovation Habits of High-Growth Companies: Findings from the 2021 R&D and Innovation Agenda

Date: 9th December

Time: 13:00 - 14:00 

For its 2021 R&D and Innovation Agenda Study, Wellspring searched for answers to foundational innovation management questions – the type that tends to invite endless speculation and debate, such as whether large firms really innovate like startups, how high-growth companies innovate differently, and which innovation practices drive corporate performance. This quantitative survey of 300 R&D and innovation leaders at $1B+ firms across industry classes was supplemented with dozens of executive phone interviews and clear answers grounded in evidence. In some cases, the findings puncture the conventional wisdom. In other cases, they validate widely-held beliefs. Overall, a striking pattern emerges: The best-performing companies share four innovation practices in common. Leveraging the data, Wellspring built an econometric model for predicting which firm-wide innovation behaviors correlate with above-average revenue growth.

In this webinar, Wellspring CEO Robert Lowe will detail the results of the research and explain how these four behaviors help drive breakaway revenue growth over time, as well as why they work so well together as an integrated approach to modern innovation management.

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