Teagasc Research Insights Webinar - How does soil organic carbon cycling work in Irish soils?

Wednesday, 23rd September, 9.30am  

Soil Organic Carbon (SOC) is a major component of soil organic matter.  Increasing the concentration of soil organic carbon increases the absorption of CO2 from the atmosphere and leads to an improvement in soil health.  Understanding how this works is a key research and innovation theme at Teagasc.

Join Teagasc researchers on this webinar to find out more about our research and gain a better understanding of organic carbon cycling in Irish soils and its contribution to mitigating climate change.


Karl Richards – Head of Environment, Soils and Land Use, Teagasc

Garry Lanigan – Research Officer, Teagasc

David Wall – Research Officer, Teagasc

Lillian O’Sullivan – Research Officer, Teagasc

Donal O’Brien – Research Officer, Teagasc


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