Sports Tech Ireland Masterclass Spring Series

Date: 18th February 2022

Time: 16:00 - 17:00

Speaker: Sam Mc Cleery

Sam McCleery has worked in the sports industry for 45 years with innovators and companies that have come to define the modern sports industry. The "red thread" in his career has been technology and how it has improved physical products and the viewing experience. He co-founded the first augmented reality company in sports and has received a Sports Emmy for his work on the Yellow First and Ten Line for football broadcasts and, most recently, formed the Open Innovation practice at Under Armour.

Career Highlights:

    • Under Armour - Sam led Open Innovation initiative and later Corporate Development
    • ESPN - Chief Technologist, Emerging Technology Group
    • Cablevision (NYC) - Virtual advertising in Entertainment
    • Princeton Video Image - Co-founded first AR company in sports
    • Prince Tennis Company - Head of sports marketing.