Precise particle and cell handling for diagnostic applications and medical treatment

Wednesday, 5th May, 1-3pm

Increasing regulatory scrutiny in the Medical Device and In-Vitro-Diagnostic (IVD) industries in the EU and US over the last 5 years has been a major driver in the development of new microfluidic innovations. The Coronavirus pandemic and significant shortcomings in the consistency and reliability of traditional “point of care” diagnostic testing has clearly highlighted an urgent need for advanced diagnostic technologies with greatly improved detection capability. In parallel, the development of Cell Therapy products is a rapidly expanding market and also an opportunity for the application of microfluidic flow control. Regulators are increasingly demanding “single-cell” level understanding of these products before granting market access. This is beyond the capability of traditional systems and can only be solved using advanced microfluidic control and enrichment/capture systems.

Our online seminar will present examples of some of these important applications for precise cell handling and biotherapeutic quality control. It is aimed at stakeholders from industry and research and will highlight existing innovations immediately available to industry and research partners, while also serving as a forum to discuss current industry challenge-based collaborative opportunities.

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