Open Source Licensing from the perspective of Universities, Companies and Developers

Open source licensing is a topic that is currently generating a lot of interest. The Irish Chapter of LES Britain and Ireland are delighted to host a webinar entitled “Open Source Licensing from the perspective of Universities, Companies, and Developers” on 25 June.

Please join us to hear more from our expert speaker Malcolm Bain (Partner, Across Legal, Barcelona) on how best to integrate open source software into your products, and to ask any questions you may have.

Malcolm has been practicing IT and IP law for over 20 years, and is partner at Across Legal, Barcelona. He specialises in advising on matters of technology protection and licensing, including open source technologies and open data. He not only works for businesses, public administration and open source projects, but advises on technology and knowledge transfer for Universities and other research centres.

Please submit any questions you may have for our speaker before the event by contacting

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