LES Britain & Ireland 2022 Annual Conference

Date: 10 October 2022

LES Britain & Ireland will be holding their 2022 Annual Conference in LONDON this October!

The theme of this year’s conference is "Licensing – Enabling The Global Business Of IP"

Conflicts and challenges over the past few years have exposed cracks in the tenets upon which the concept of the global economy and an international IP system has been assumed. However, this period of turmoil, not least the response to Covid 19, has also demonstrated how future opportunities can be forged within a new worldwide framework. Licensing has over the years proved to be an effective tool for the sharing of knowledge and the opening up of new markets and sectors. Therefore, the LES Britain & Ireland Annual Conference will, with a roster of experts in the field, explain how through licensing, the challenges can be met, and the spirit of cooperation reinvigorated.

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