International Technology Transfer Conference - Slovenia

The International Technology Transfer Conference (ITTC) is an annual international event in Slovenia for researchers, companies, technology transfer offices, public authorities and other supporting institutions, where relevant topics about technology transfer are discussed. Distinguishing features of the Conference are keynote speeches from renown speakers, yearly prize for public research organizations' innovations, while every two years meetings between researchers and companies take place (R2B).

This year the main topic of the Conference is going to be the ways of maximizing the impact of technology transfer funnel at TTOs.  Dr. Jon Wulff Petersen and dr. Jeff Skinner will present their views in the initial part of the Conference and similar as last year, the competition among young researchers for the best innovation with commercial potential will take place, along with paper presentation of renown scientists. For companies we will also organize R2B (Research-2-Business) meetings. 

More details about the conference can be found on the website, while registration for R2B meetings is available on the platform.

Participation is free of charge.