Luxcel BioSciences – UCC

Cork based company, Luxcel BioSciences was acquired by California headquartered Agilent Technologies Limited, a leading global provider of analytical laboratory solutions in January 2018. As part of the acquisition, underpinning IP licensed by Luxel from UCC was transferred to Agilent, a process supported and facilitated by the TTO at UCC.

The licensed technology arose from an earlier collaboration between Luxcel and UCC to develop innovative live-cell monitoring technology and the licence led to development of Luxcel’s specialist MitoXpress® product range. This provides cost effective and easy to use fluorescence-based in vitro cell test kits that typically allow the user to understand the role of cell metabolism across a variety of important research areas including cancer, metabolic disorders, cardiovascular disease, immunology and infectious disease.

The acquisition of the technology licence has allowed Agilent to expand its cell analysis portfolio. It has also led to the company opening a state-of-the-art research centre in Cork and growing its headcount in Ireland from 13 to 40 staff. Commenting on the licensed technology, Todd Christian, General Manager at Agilent said “Technological advancements allowing researchers to examine cell health and function kinetically and in real time are driving global demand for complete cell analysis solutions. Luxcel’s assay kits are optimized for standard fluorescent plate readers for broad customer application helping to address the growing demand.”

 The company continues the relationship with UCC having engaged the university on consultancy and collaborative research projects. Speaking of the relationship, Director of Tech Transfer at UCC, Rich Ferrie said “Luxcel’s growth and integration with Agilent makes it a major player in the innovation ecosystem here in Cork. UCC remains a key research partner for the company through a range of ongoing research collaborations and projects. Our office is delighted to provide tech transfer support to underpin this exciting innovation partnership.”

Publish date: 2018