Materials Genoma front page preview

Materials Genoma

The review, design and development of new materials/compounds for all sectors requiring novel new materials. It uses advanced electronic structure methods combined with artificial intelligence algorithms and a large da...

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Remote Radio Heads front page preview

Remote Radio Heads

A spectrum management system designed to enable spectrum sharing and efficiency by calculating the required resources that a cellular operation needs to determine the minimum coverage required from the shared spectrum cl...

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MIFi - Macrophage Migration Inhibitory Factor front page preview

MIFi - Macrophage Migration Inhibitory Factor

The Development of inhibitors for the treatment of lung cancer which can significantly reduce the growth of lung cancer cells and reduce tumour volume.

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Magnetically Triggered Adhesives front page preview

Magnetically Triggered Adhesives

The modification of adhesive formulas preventing polymerisation of an adhesive until it is triggered by an external magnetic field. This new process reduces bonding constraints during bonding and eliminates the use of h...

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Novel Vaccine components for Whooping Cough front page preview

Novel Vaccine components for Whooping Cough

The discovery of receptors naturally derived from whooping cough may have the potential to develop a more effective vaccination than currently available for whooping cough and other conditions such as cancer and allergic...

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