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TSSG Gateway Manager
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TSSG - Telecommunications Software & Systems Gateway

TSSG Mobile can assist you to unlock the potential of your business through the design and delivery of technology that empower’s your business to meet the demands of today’s customers. TSSG Mobile is a one-stop-shop where you can access expertise and know-how to help you deploy the latest mobile technologies for your business.

Smart mobile devices and cloud technologies are the future of business and companies need to adapt in order to capitialise on the opportunities they provide

At TSSG Mobile we have the knowledge and expertise, backed up by the brightest and the best across a range of platforms. So whatever your technology problem, we have the solution to suit you.

TSSG Mobile Services

Real Time Communications We can provide you with the technology to reach your customers through new and more effective channels; interacting in real-time through the deployment of various media such as video streaming to support the execution of location specific and context specific services.

Mobile Services Providing you with access to mobile and web application design and development. Our solutions are fast, reliable and scalable. From concept to design, we can help you develop the most suitable solution for you and your customers.

Mobile Design Great software requires you to understand the needs and motivations of your end user; in order to create an experience that is useful yet matches their motivations and needs. This means every aspect of the product needs to be considered. Our in-house team is experienced in designing native application for all major mobile platforms.

Data Driven Services We can help you leverage the value of your data through better and more informed insights, enabling smarter decision-making that can lead to improved competitive advantage.

Security and Trust Services With the management of security and privacy in ICT becoming a critical issue for many businesses, we can assist you in the development of tools and practices to support your organization through better understanding of the risks and develop solutions to mitigate against potential threats.

Network Driven Services

The next decade will bring about significant change in the evolution of communications networking and service technologies. Our team is creating solutions to meet these needs working with the R&D divisions of some of the world’s leading technology companies creating cutting-edge, state-of-art, industry focused products.

Research Themes
  • Distributed & cloud-based mobile services
  • Next generation IP based voice and video
  • Virtual and Augmented reality services
  • Location, context, smart space and social service enablers

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