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Michael O'Shea
Centre Director
 +353(0)1 716 5404

ARCH - Applied Research for Connected Health - Dublin

Applied Research for Connected Health (ARCH) is the centre of connected health research in Ireland. People and technology come together through ARCH to deliver better health outcomes and prove these from economic, clinical, technology robustness and usability perspectives. ARCH adds value to R&D, creating and retaining jobs. 

ARCH is an industry-driven technology centre providing access to world-class clinicians, academics and patient cohorts to explore and evaluate potential connected health solutions for the global market. Changing demographics coupled with reducing resources are placing increasing pressures on health systems across the globe. New care models must ensure patient quality of life while reducing costs and maintaining or improving clinical outcomes. Connected health is an emerging model of care ensuring stakeholders are ‘connected’ by means of timely sharing and presentation of accurate and pertinent information regarding patient well-being through smarter use of data, devices and people. Ireland is in a unique position to become a global centre of activity and excellence in connected health. ARCH is at the centre of an unparalleled connected health education and research infrastructure that spans a range of activities from gathering, analysing and interpreting data, through the development of new knowledge and care models to implementing and evaluating change.

Research areas:

  • How care is delivered today and how might it be improved by connected health technologies?
  • How can the barriers to the use of connected technologies be overcome and maximum impact achieved?
  • How can large and diverse health-relevant data sets be mined for actionable information and presented to diverse stakeholders?

Research performed by:

  • University College Dublin
  • University of Limerick