KTI Director honoured with Lifetime Achievement Award

Global University Venturing presented Alison Campbell with a Lifetime Achievement Award to honour the positive impact her career has had on technology transfer.

Receiving the award, she acknowledged the field and the people involved: “Few achievements are made by individuals alone. I have been very fortunate to have a career in a profession that I care about and to work with people that I respect and, together, it's been possible to make things happen. Progress is enduring and I'm very excited about the future for knowledge and technology transfer worldwide. I'm thrilled to receive this honour from Global University Venturing and for the recognition it confers on the profession.”

In addition to her role as Director of KTI she is currently Chair of AUTM, a non-profit leader in efforts to educate, promote and inspire technology transfer professionals throughout their careers to support the development of academic research that changes the world.