Regional and Dublin State Aid seminars hosted by Knowledge Transfer Ireland draw over 150

Friday 20th September 2019

 State Aid in article

 Knowledge Transfer Ireland (KTI) this week hosted a series of seminars in Galway, Cork and Dublin to give local companies and researchers an overview of European Union rules relating to State aid and how it might impact them when working together.

 Attended by more than 100 people, the sessions delivered an expert briefing from legal firm Ronan Daly Jermyn helping to ensure that those present understood and operate within EU State Aid guidelines when engaging in public research activity.   

 In addition, KTI's new “Practical Guide to State Aid Considerations in Research, Development & Innovation for RPOs and Industry” was available as a take away for attendees. This guide focusses on the key areas that need to be considered when a company and public research organisation are planning to work together, for example through a collaborative research project, a contracted service or access to research facilities.

 Alison Campbell, Director of KTI said:

“State aid in R&D can often seem daunting and we’ve been asked by companies and research organisations if we could help make the topic more accessible. It’s on foot of that interest that we have produced the new KTI Practical Guide and organised the seminars.  While the consequences of unlawful State aid can be very serious (the beneficiary may be ordered to repay the aid with interest) it is possible to structure engagements in a way that avoids such risk. The purpose of the Guide and this seminar is to help understand the rules, the risks and the ways to mitigate them.”

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