Wireless Sensors to Improve Poultry Production Wins UCD Award

An early-stage business idea focused on using wireless sensors to monitor environmental conditions in chicken barns to improve poultry production has been declared winner of the UCD Agri-Food Sprint Programme.

The winning business idea which emerged from the UCD Agri-Food Sprint Programme involves placing wireless sensors in chickens’ living spaces to record the environmental conditions.

Real-time spatial and temporal data is recorded and reported to a cloud repository via 3G technology. Any deviations between the recorded data and acceptable environmental limits can be quickly detected, the poultry producer informed who can then take the necessary remedial actions. This will help to ensure optimal environmental conditions for poultry production resulting in higher chicken yields.

UCD Agrifood Sprint Award

Dr Conor Shanahan and Dr Patrick Jackman, UCD School of Biosystems Engineering, winners of the UCD Agri-Food Sprint Programme.

The promoters of this early-stage business idea are Professor Shane Ward, the principal investigator, Dr Conor Shanahan, a postdoctoral research fellow, and Dr Patrick Jackman, a research scientist, in the Smart Systems Unit within the UCD School of Biosystems Engineering, whose research has been funded by Science Foundation Ireland.

The UCD Agri-Food Sprint Programme is a one-day initiative designed and delivered by NovaUCD in collaboration with the UCD Earth Institute. It aims to encourage the development of commercial outputs arising from UCD Agri-Food research by engaging with University College Dublin (UCD) researchers at an earlier stage in the commercialisation process.

For more information visit: http://www.ucd.ie/innovation/newsevents/news/2014/september/businessideausingwirelesssensorstoimprovepoultryproduction/