University College Dublin Contributes €1.3 Billion Annually to Irish Economy According to New Impact Report

An Taoiseach Enda Kenny TD launched a new report which highlights the economic, cultural and social impact of University College Dublin (UCD) on May 26th 2015.

The report, launched at Government Buildings, underlines UCD’s key role as a major economic actor and employer in Dublin and in Ireland.

The key findings outlined in the report are that the total economic output generated by UCD and its students in Ireland amounts to €1.3 billion annually and that the total number of jobs they generate is 8,914.

These findings are based on a detailed impact assessment, a summary of which has been published, carried out by Viewforth Consulting to ascertain the value and impact of UCD’s activities to the local and wider Irish economy.

The report is entitled Delivering Impact: The Economic, Cultural and Social Impact of University College Dublin.

Launching the report An Taoiseach Enda Kenny TD said, “This report highlights that University College Dublin, as Ireland’s largest University, is playing a key role as an economic force in Dublin and in Ireland overall. UCD is not only creating economic activity, stimulating and supporting over 8,900 jobs but generating output across a wide range of economic sectors. UCD also has a key role to play in Ireland's ongoing economic recovery. The best international companies are attracted to Ireland because of the range of talent and skills available to them here. UCD is at the forefront in Ireland in educating the next generation of leaders in all disciplines.”

Professor Andrew J. Deeks, UCD President said, “Impact reports, such as Delivering Impact, are increasingly important and are being widely applied across the international higher education landscape. As such this is the first report produced by the university to identify and quantify the diverse ways in which, UCD, Ireland’s most globally engaged university, is making an economic, cultural and social impact, both nationally and internationally.”

He added, “We will use these impact results over the next few years to realise our strategic vision for 2020.”

Professor Orla Feely, UCD Vice-President for Research, Innovation and Impact said, “This report demonstrates that as well as the significant financial contribution UCD makes to the Irish economy, the work we undertake also has a substantially broader social and cultural impact.”

“The knowledge and talented individuals that emerge from UCD research and innovation activities are essential drivers of a knowledge economy. Our researchers also address important social questions and produce creative and cultural outputs that enrich and inform Irish and global culture.  And ultimately UCD’s greatest impact is seen in the many successes of generations of our graduates nationally and globally.”

The report entitled Delivering Impact: The Economic, Cultural and Social Impact of University College Dublin is available to download via