UCC Innovation Lecture: The Globalisation of Innovation and Business Creation

As part of the 2014 All-Island Innovation programme series, UCC School of Management & Marketing is holding a public lecture on innovation by Prof. Erik Vermeulen, Professor of Business and Financial Law at Tilburg University. The lecture will take place in Boole 2 Lecture Theatre at 7pm on Wednesday, 17th September 2014.

The Globalisation of Innovation and Business Creation

With entrepreneurship and innovation on the decline, governments are increasingly turning to companies, universities as well as knowledge and research institutions to jumpstart the start-up community. These collaborations, conveniently dubbed “triple helixes”, are dedicated to the establishment of knowledge-intensive service clusters in which the structure and dynamics of interactions among the different actors drive innovation and value creation.

The Lecture discusses the emergence of collaborative funding models and platforms, which ensure integrated and sustainable investment approaches. Such collaborative funding models encompass not only institutional investors and venture capitalists, but also universities, multinationals, family offices, and other investors interested in innovation and growth, giving a global perspective to innovation and business creation.

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