Love Irish Research Campaign

The launch of ‘ Innovation 2020: Excellence, Talent, Impact ‘ marks an important milestone for Irish research and innovation. In order to support the implementation of the national strategy, the Irish Research Council (IRC) is embarking on campaign to highlight research being conducted across all disciplines in the higher education system in Ireland. With that particular focus to the fore, the HEA is joining the IRC as a key strategic partner. Whilst all stakeholders, including research funders, will be encouraged to support the initiative, critically the focus of the campaign is the research and the researchers themselves. It is therefore envisaged that the #LoveIrishResearch campaign will provide the option of a common promotional and branding ‘platform’ for higher education institutions and the research community. Utilising the #LoveIrishResearch platform would of course be complementary to other required acknowledgements where this arises.

Accordingly, the Irish Research Council invites each higher education institution to join and support the campaign as a stated strategic partner.

 The Council itself will be mobilising its awardees (former and current), their supervisors and mentors, and organising events but broad engagement of the higher education sector with this campaign will strengthen the visibility and awareness of researchers, and their research, among the public, and of course among key decision makers.

 Finally, the IRC were delighted to announce that the campaign  ‘#LoveIrishResearch’ will be launched by the Minister for Skills, Research and Innovation, Damien English T.D. at a photocall on Thursday January 28th.