IRDG Service Design Workshop, Dublin

Workshop Venue: The Helix, DCU, Dublin – 19th February 2019 – 9am to 5pm
Facilitated by Olga Scupin, Fuxblau & Jan Schmiedgen, D-School at HPI (Berlin)

In recent years many industries are experiencing a dramatic change – from a product-focused to a services-oriented industry. A new ‘service economy’ has been born. Many of today’s startups are creating digital services and form a very important part of the creative entrepreneurship scene. In Germany for example, almost 70% of the countries economic power is based on services.

Opposed to products, services are intangible. The “designing” of services relates to shaping an ecosystem of touchpoints, rather than stand-alone artefacts. Therefore, service design does not only focus on design in a traditional way (shape, aesthetics, usability etc.) but also incorporates strategic planning for service ecosystems and business models.

This workshop will introduce the participants to the concept of service design and teach them the main methods and tools that are needed to create successful services. Two main perspectives will be considered:

  • How to create a service that is desirable and usable from an end-user’s perspective?
  • How to build & create an economically viable service ecosystem?
  • There will be a short theoretical introduction to service design, followed by interactive work sessions in which the participants get to know and use various service design tools and methods such as: Personas, User Research, Jobs to be done, user journey, a service blueprint as well as business model canvas. Participants will work on a challenge in teams of 5-7 people, apply the tools and have short presentations to pitch their ideas and reflect their learnings to other participants.

The course targets participants from these areas

  • entrepreneurs
  • designers
  • innovation managers and consultants
  • business leaders

Full details on this link  at the IRDG website. Limited capacity.

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