Building a Business on Ideas

In today's globalised and innovation-led business environment, high potential companies are built on intangible assets, like Intellectual Property (IP), which can often account for more than 80% of the value of companies.  IP (e.g. patents, designs, copyright, trademarks and trade secrets) results from the innovativeness and creativity of employees and is embodied as the unique features of products and services that make them competitive in the market.  Therefore, IP is crucially important to enable companies, regardless of size and sector, to harness the value of their Innovation.

This free industry event is your opportunity to learn how IP is relevant to your business and what you can do to take control of it. The agenda targets those involved in R&D, new product or process development, design or any innovation activity with its sights set on competing in export markets. You will hear expert perspectives from private practice, state agencies, Irish Patents Office, the EU, third level research and industry on practical realities of managing and using IP to grow your business.